Wednesday 12 June 2019

Ace Tone FM-2 Fuzzmaster w. mods


  1. Made this one and put in a DPDT where the diodes go switching between silicon and germnanium diodes - inspired by Earthquaker Devices Fuzzmaster General. Make it a DPDT on-off-on, and the middle section (no diodes) makes it work like a Green Ringer, I'm told. Very cool mod - can recommend it to builders.

  2. Is this layout a more compact version of the Fuzzmaster w/ Beaker mods (as seen on tagboard effects)?

    1. OK - it appears that this one is slightly different than the tagboard one...does anyone have an opinion on the differences?

  3. What a nasty pig this is. I guess I've never really heard a real Fuzzmaster. The up octave is very prominent all over the fretboard. Especially with the right germanium diode. So far 1N34A's are giving the clearest octave. I also like D9K's and 1N270's. Sesh's advice to add a switch and throw some silicons at it and even omit diodes was a good one. Oh yeah, watch your pinouts. I threw 2N3904's in not thinking of where the emitter was on the layout and had absolutely no sound at all. Thanks Sesh! and fuzzhead, hope you're healing up nicely.