Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Fairfield Barbershop V2

 Per request.A quite a big revision of this circuit was made a couple of years ago making it a worthwhile addition to the blog. The general topology remains almost the same but lots of component values have been updated. 

Trimpots is added for easier biasing.

Schematic is avaiable HERE.

Sunday, 26 March 2023

EarthQuaker Devices Zap Machine V2

 Traced by Gray Bench Electronics.

It is basically a heavilly tweaked hybrid Tonebender Mk. II. I added an anti pop resistor at the input and reoriented the 4,7uF cap.

Schematic and teardown video is avaiable HERE.



Saturday, 25 March 2023

Dunwich Amplification Fuzz Throne Deluxe - Tall box version

 Traced by evilarsen, AlexS and Marco.

evilarsen did the dirty work by building and verifying the board.

...and here is evilarsens build.


Union Tube & Transistor Tourbender

 Schematic is avaiable HERE.

Snouse Black Box Overdrive 2

 Yet another modified Bluesbreaker. Did some mods that might be useful. First, Drain, resistors for the J FETs is replaced with trimpots for easy biasing. Two: internal DIP switches is replaced with external toggle switches..

The schematic is avaiable HERE.

Skreddy Cognitive Dissonance Mk. III

 Schematic is avaiable HERE.

Thursday, 16 March 2023

Throbak Overdrive Boost

 Per request.

A modified Colorsound Overdriver circuit with some bells and whistles. The most noticable one is the Ge switch which toggles in a germanium diode and a germanium transistor for hard clipping.

Schematic is avaiable HERE.

Friday, 10 March 2023

Caroline Guitar Company Wave Cannon Mk. II

 Wave Cannon went through a complete circuit overhaul for the Mk.II version. Mk.I was a nice Rat derivate but the MK.II version belongs to the Guvnor / Shredmaster family.

Schematic is avaiable HERE.

Sunday, 5 March 2023

Capitalist Death Cult Yukagir

 Another guest appearance with a verified layout by Chris at Capitalist Death Cult!

Here is what he has to say about this bass fuzz monster:


Capitali$t Death Cult Effect$

YUKAGIR Preserved Siberian Fuzz

The Yukagir (pronounced Yookahgeer) Preserved Siberian Fuzz is named after a 39K year old Wooly Mammoth fossil that was unearthed in Siberia in 2002. This effect was basically the distortion I needed to make use of the NOS Soviet military germanium transistors and diodes I've amassed a collection of.

Essentially - this is a "Green Ringer" style octave noisemaker with a jfet blend control that is followed by a burly PNP germanium fuzz+distortion that works equally well for bass or guitar. The germanium transistors are MP42B's, and the diodes are germanium D311's - both originally manufactured in the 1970s for the Soviet military.

The original inspiration for the fuzz came from the Apocalypse Audio H Fuzz - and it bears some tonal similarities to the Zvex Wooly Mammoth/Mastotron. I added a voltage inverter to the fuzz circuit so that it can function with a regular 9V/negative tip power supply like a One Spot.

The controls are as follows:

INPUT: fuzz gain - it will squeal when you max it.

TREBLE: tone control, that mostly adds high end definition as you turn it clockwise.

OUTPUT: master level

MIDS: a three way switch that is almost flat to the left, scooped in the middle, and boosted to the right

GATE: this knob is highly interactive with the mids switch and input knob - it will also filter some of the lows as you turn it clockwise.

RINGER: this is the octave blend control - this knob will also interact with the gate, as the level of octave will cause some velcro-ish sputtering of its own.

The footswitch on this unit is the Demedash Incandenza relay "soft click" design and will last WAY longer than a mechanical switch, and is super reliable. However - depending on your power supply and whether or not you daisy-chain others to that supply, the pedal will either default to powering up or down every time you disconnect it. Kind of like how Boss pedals are always on every time you power them up with a One Spot.

There are a lot of different tonal possibilities in this box - from gated and sputtering to roaring bass-heavy blare, as well as some FZ-2 style boosted+scooped octave fuzz tones, too.

All handbuilt and finished by just me (Chris) in my garage in central coast California!





Memphis Tremolo Modulator

 Schematic is avaiable HERE.

Hmm, looks interesting, sort of a one stage J FET phaser?

Mythos Pedals Golden Fleece

 Per request, a 180 USD Electra Distortion.;-)

Exar KM-03 Kamikaze

 Schematic is avaiable HERE.

Saturday, 4 March 2023

Colorsound Vocalizer

 A rare bird in the Colorsound range. Some additional mods can be made. Replace the 3,9k resistor with a 10k pot for a Freq control. And try a PNP Germanium for Q1 which smoothens the feel of the formant filter..

Schematic is avaiable HERE.