Sunday 26 November 2023

Sovtek MIG 100H

 Another generous contribution by Sebastian, this time a Sovtek MIG 100H amp emulator!

The Acorn MIGFET post inspired me to whip up this layout for a version of the MiG 100H, which is more like a hot-rodded JCM800 than the pseudo-Plexi MiG 50. An interesting variation in its own right.

I've not built this myself yet, since I'm out of 100k trimmers and A1M pots, so due diligence is encouraged. I've attached the amp schematic for scrutiny. The layout follows the circuit pretty much 1-to-1 until the phase inverter. One half of the phase inverter is used, then the output stage is pilfered from the Menatone Foxy Brown (I've found it great in various AIAB builds, so it should do the trick here too). The master volume is moved to the end of the circuit.

Like the JCM800, the MiG 100H has two channels with separate inputs, the lower-gain of which skips the first stage of the preamp. This layout has a footswitch to toggle between the two channels for (hopefully) added utility.


Amptweaker Tight Fuzz

 Schematic is avaiable HERE.

Amptweaker Tight Drive

 Schematic is avaiable HERE.

Stamps Amplification Drive-O-Matic

 Simply a Rat with some odd component value choices, two switchable gain controls with their own RC filters and a slightly reworked filter control. 

Schematic is avaiable HERE.

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