Thursday 1 February 2024

Adventure Audio Dream Reaper

 Schematic is avaiable HERE.


  1. Hi all, this is my first post. Ironically I searched for this exact schematic yesterday and low and behold, here it is just a few hours later. I started it tonight, have it populated with resistors, but dont have the inductor or jack for this, so im sitting back for now. Hopefully someone will get this built while I wait on parts and get it verified. Anyways, I enjoy the site immensely and many thanks to all for the awesome work.

  2. I've never heard of this pedal but love the font choice. Nightmare on Elm Street vibes for sure.

  3. Tag this one Anders, it appears to make all the right screaching, fuzzy noises

  4. Opamp tester PCB arrived! Operational amplifier tester.

    5 posts si=kbKPW60h4hvSWZfL

    Single OPAMP: LM741, TL071, TL061, TL081 and others

    pin 2 - Inverting Input (-)

    pin 3 - Non-inverting input (+)

    Pin 4 - Power (-)

    pin 6 - Output

    Pin 7 - Power (+)

    DUAL OPAMP: LM358, RC4558, TL062, TL072, TL082 and others

    pin 1 - Output A

    pin 2- Inverting Input A(-)

    pin 3 - Non-inverting input A(+)

    Pin 4- Power (-)

    Pin 5- Non-inverting input B(+)

    Pin 6 - Inverting Input B(-)

    pin 7 - Output B

    Pin 8- Power (+