Saturday 11 November 2023

Aion Fx Argus Silicon Fuzz

 Per request.

Schematic is avaiable HERE.


  1. Thank you for your service! I`ll try to build it after finishing other projects, I hope it will be verified by then

  2. Getting sorta somewhere with this. I was getting nothing but noise on one of the switch positions and nothing at all on the other two. I grounded lug 1 of the output and moved the wire going to lug 6 of the switch to lug 3. I get output on all switch settings and all of the pots seem to work now, but two of the switch settings sound the same, with the third being brighter and louder (correct from the description on the Aion site). It's also disproportionally noisy, a bit gated (maybe normal) and and quite whiny at certain gain settings. All in all it's working, but not in the way i'd expect.