Friday 5 May 2023

Aion Fx Antipode / Roland AF-60 Bee Gee

 Aion Fx take on a pretty rare, forgotten and old fuzz box by Roland. Some useful addons is made. A gain control is added and a series resistor before the volume control is removed for more overall output. 

I added a tone selector switch for the tone control since the factory schematic and Aion's schematic differs in that spot; the low pass filter cap in the big muff style tonestack toggles between 1nF(Aion mode) and 10nF(stock mode). The switch acts a Mid/SCoop switch.

'Schematic is avaiable HERE.



  1. A Bee-Gee clone was actually one of my first ever builds, and I hacked a gain control into pretty much the same spot of the circuit. Still love the sound of it. It's not as feral as a Bee-Baa or Superfuzz, but it's instant desert rock satisfaction, pedal to the floor.

  2. You can tag this one. Very nice fuzz. Thanks for the layout.